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Not-For-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations and private foundations face cumbersome tax compliance and auditing reporting requirements. With a wide variety of organizational missions and structures, it takes an experienced team of advisors to help you meet federal and state tax filing requirements, minimize tax compliance issues and liability burdens, and ensure alignment with complex regulatory rules in order to maintain the tax-exempt status of your organization.

The Topel Forman team brings personalized attention, with a continuity of staff year-round, to issues of limited budgets and resources, quality control reviews and other factors that impact your success.

Topel Forman’s team of advisors can help develop a customized plan with strategies uniquely tailored to your family’s financial security concerns and wealth-preservation goals. A private foundation may be one part of the execution of a well-considered plan to protect assets belonging to you, your family and your business. Our team can help navigate the unique and extensive tax rules that apply to private foundations, while helping prevent inadvertent but costly violations. Our advisors will assist in monitoring for self-dealing, minimizing the excise tax on net investment income and undistributed income, and watching over the foundation’s portfolio to prevent excise taxes on jeopardizing investments.

For nonprofits – such as labor unions, trade associations, charities and others – we bring deep experience to bear on your unique situation. Whether you need assistance with assessment and implementation of internal controls, creation of cash management policies and procedures, and other financial reporting tasks, we bring focus, consistency and long-term commitment to our work on behalf of your organization. Our team provides proactive compliance services, including audits, reviews and compilations, as well as tax compliance including completion of Forms 990, 990 PF, 990 T and related forms.

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