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As an accounting firm with many clients in the technology industry, we provide agile services to support you from start-up to a successful exit strategy. Our clients range from software developers to licensors, service providers and other players competing in an often heavily invested environment with short lifecycles.

At startup, we can help you examine the organizational structure and set up accounting and tax procedures, so you can better focus your resources on innovation for success. As your business matures, we can help with federal and state tax compliance, R&D incentives, capitalization and expenses, revenue recognition, audits and more.

State issues loom large for technology developers and providers depending on where software is created, stored, sold and used. You need to navigate issues such as where to file, how to apportion income, available tax credits and a variety of other complex state tax considerations. We have the knowledge to guide you through these state issues, minimizing risk while maximizing the benefits you are entitled to.

We offer a hands-on approach to understanding your goals and helping you reach them. From understanding how different corporate structures affect investors, to optimizing revenue recognition outcomes, to keeping your business on-track with well-planned and executed audits, to consulting with you on the optimum exit strategy – we provide the informed answers you need.

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